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Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

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Data Science Education: The Signal Processing Perspective (2023) Gannot S, Tan ZH, Haardt M, Chen NF, Wai HT, Tashev I, Kellermann W, Dauwels J Journal article, Original article Audio Signal Processing in the 21st Century: The important outcomes of the past 25 years (2023) Richard G, Smaragdis P, Naylor PA, Makino S, Gannot S, Kellermann W, Sugiyama A Journal article, Review article Bounded-Magnitude Discrete Fourier Transform [Tips & Tricks] (2023) Schlecht SJ, Valimaki V, Habets E Journal article Physics-Driven Deep Learning for Computational Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Combining physics and machine learning for improved medical imaging (2023) Hammernik K, Kustner T, Yaman B, Huang Z, Rueckert D, Knoll F, Akcakaya M Journal article Real-Time Interactive 4D-STEM Phase-Contrast Imaging From Electron Event Representation Data: Less computation with the right representation (2022) Pelz PM, Johnson I, Ophus C, Ercius P, Scott MC Journal article Surfing Virtual Waves to Thermal Tomography: From model- to deep learning-based reconstructions (2022) Kovacs P, Lehner B, Thummerer G, Mayr G, Burgholzer P, Huemer M Journal article Interactive Learning of Signal Processing through Music: Making Fourier Analysis Concrete for Students (2021) Müller M, McFee B Journal article Deep-Learning Methods for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstruction: A Survey of the Current Approaches, Trends, and Issues (2020) Knoll F, Hammernik K, Zhang C, Moeller S, Pock T, Sodickson DK, Akcakaya M Journal article Audio-Based Search and Rescue with a Drone: Highlights from the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2019 Student Competition [SP Competitions] (2019) Deleforge A, Di Carlo D, Strauß M, Serizel R, Marcenaro L Journal article, Review article Recent Advances in Music Signal Processing (2019) Müller M, Pardo B, Mysore GJ, Välimäki V Journal article
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