Decarbonised Future Regional Airport Infrastructure

Meindl M, de Ruiter C, Marciello V, Di Stasio M, Hilpert F, Ruocco M, Nicolosi F, Thonemann N, Saavedra-Rubio K, Locqueville Louis L, Laurent A, März M (2023)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article, Review article

Publication year: 2023


Book Volume: 10

Pages Range: 283

Article Number: 283

Journal Issue: 3


DOI: 10.3390/aerospace10030283

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Sustainability and, especially, emission reductions are significant challenges for airports currently being addressed. The Clean Sky 2 project GENESIS addresses the environmental sustainability of hybrid-electric 50-passenger aircraft systems in a life cycle perspective to support the development of a technology roadmap for the transition to sustainable and competitive electric aircraft systems. This article originates from the GENESIS research and describes various options for ground power supply at a regional airport. Potential solutions for airport infrastructure with a short (2030), medium (2040) and long (2050) time horizon are proposed. This analysis includes estimating the future energy demand per day, month and year. In addition, the current flight plan based on conventional aircraft is adapted to the needs of a 50-PAX regional aircraft. Thus, this article provides an overview of the energy demand of a regional airport, divided into individual time horizons.

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Meindl, M., de Ruiter, C., Marciello, V., Di Stasio, M., Hilpert, F., Ruocco, M.,... März, M. (2023). Decarbonised Future Regional Airport Infrastructure. Aerospace, 10(3), 283.


Meindl, Markus, et al. "Decarbonised Future Regional Airport Infrastructure." Aerospace 10.3 (2023): 283.

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