The Disruption of Trust in the Digital Transformation Leading to Health 4.0

Guckert M, Milanovic K, Hannig J, Simon D, Wettengl T, Evers D, Kleyer A, Keller T, Pitt J (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article, Review article

Publication year: 2022


Book Volume: 4

Article Number: 815573

DOI: 10.3389/fdgth.2022.815573


The specification and application of policies and guidelines for public health, medical education and training, and screening programmes for preventative medicine are all predicated on trust relationships between medical authorities, health practitioners and patients. These relationships are in turn predicated on a verbal contract that is over two thousand years old. The impact of information and communication technology (ICT), underpinning Health 4.0, has the potential to disrupt this analog relationship in several dimensions; but it also presents an opportunity to strengthen it, and so to increase the take-up and effectiveness of new policies. This paper develops an analytic framework for the trust relationships in Health 4.0, and through three use cases, assesses a medical policy, the introduction of a new technology, and the implications of that technology for the trust relationships. We integrate this assessment in a set of actionable recommendations, in particular that the trust framework should be part of the design methodology for developing and deploying medical applications. In a concluding discussion, we advocate that, in a post-pandemic world, IT to support policies and programmes to address widespread socio-medical problems with mental health, long Covid, physical inactivity and vaccine misinformation will be essential, and for that, strong trust relationships between all the stakeholders are absolutely critical.

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Guckert, M., Milanovic, K., Hannig, J., Simon, D., Wettengl, T., Evers, D.,... Pitt, J. (2022). The Disruption of Trust in the Digital Transformation Leading to Health 4.0. Frontiers in Digital Health, 4.


Guckert, Michael, et al. "The Disruption of Trust in the Digital Transformation Leading to Health 4.0." Frontiers in Digital Health 4 (2022).

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