Peridynamic modeling of nonlocal degrading interfaces in composites

Laurien M, Javili A, Steinmann P (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


Original Authors: Marie Laurien, Ali Javili, Paul Steinmann

Pages Range: 100124

Article Number: 100124

DOI: 10.1016/j.finmec.2022.100124


When modeling composite materials at small scales, the consideration of nonlocal effects is fundamental. In addition, the overall response of matrix-inclusion composites is strongly affected by the behavior of the interface between inclusion and matrix. This can be attributed to a possible detachment of the constituents as well as the high interface-to-volume ratio especially for nano-sized inclusions. Peridynamics is a nonlocal theory that is suitable to introduce a length-scale into a continuum description and take into account nonlocal interactions. Complex interface models within a peridynamic framework are, however, rarely studied. The objective of this work is to present a modeling approach to nonlocal interfaces accounting for opening and degradation within the framework of continuum-kinematics-inspired peridynamics (CPD). The proposed method is employed to study nonlocal effects in matrix-inclusion composites with focus on the effect of nonlocal interfaces. In our approach, the nonlocal interface is mdeled as a finite thickness interface, i.e. a region where the subdomains overlap. Within this region, the constituents are pair-wise connected through interface bonding forces that follow a characteristic force-opening law. In computational experiments, our model captures the influence of the strength and size of the interface as well as the inclusion volume fraction on the overall response. In particular, nonlocality manifests itself through a “smaller–stiffer” material behavior and an increased influence of the interface, which highlights the importance of an appropriate nonlocal interface model.

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Laurien, M., Javili, A., & Steinmann, P. (2022). Peridynamic modeling of nonlocal degrading interfaces in composites. Forces in Mechanics, 100124.


Laurien, Marie, Ali Javili, and Paul Steinmann. "Peridynamic modeling of nonlocal degrading interfaces in composites." Forces in Mechanics (2022): 100124.

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