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Extending a generic and fast coarse-grained molecular dynamics model to examine the mechanical behavior of grafted polymer nanocomposites (2023) Ries M, Reber S, Steinmann P, Pfaller S Journal article On optimization of heterogeneous materials for enhanced resistance to bulk fracture (2023) Singh S, Pflug L, Mergheim J, Stingl M Journal article Evolving geometries, topologies, and apertures in fracture networks: Quantitative insights from lattice modeling (2023) Mathur B, Prabhakaran R, Köhn D Journal article Extension of the spatially adaptive phase-field model to various forms of fracture (2023) Phansalkar D, Jadhav D, Weinberg K, Ortiz M, Leyendecker S Journal article A comparative assessment of different adaptive spatial refinement strategies in phase-field fracture models for brittle fracture (2023) Rohracker M, Kumar P, Mergheim J Journal article On equilibrating non-periodic molecular dynamics samples for coupled particle-continuum simulations of amorphous polymers (2023) Weber F, Ries M, Bauer C, Wick C, Pfaller S Journal article Generalized interfaces enabling macroscopic modeling of structural adhesives and their failure (2022) Spannraft L, Possart G, Steinmann P, Mergheim J Journal article Predicting creep failure by machine learning - which features matter? (2022) Hiemer S, Moretti P, Zapperi S, Zaiser M Journal article A graded interphase enhanced phase-field approach for modeling fracture in polymer composites (2022) Kumar P, Steinmann P, Mergheim J Journal article Existence of quasi-static crack evolution for atomistic systems (2022) Badal R, Friedrich M, Seutter J Journal article