Forces governing the dynamics of liquid spreading in packed beds

Ambekar AS, Rüde U, Buwa VV (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


Book Volume: 948

DOI: 10.1017/jfm.2022.665


Liquid spreading through a randomly packed particle-resolved bed influenced by capillary or inertial (AB(S) similar to 1), and gravitational force (moderately (AB(S) similar to 0.1) and strongly (AB(S) similar to 0.01)) is investigated using the volume-of-fluid simulations. The relative contribution of governing forces at different stages of spreading is analysed using the time evolution of Weber (We(I)) and AB(I) numbers. We show that the dynamics of liquid spreading at AB S N 1 is primarily governed by the inertial force in the beginning (AB(I) > 1, We(I) > 1) followed by the capillary force at t/t* similar to 1. This interplay of governing forces leads to inertia- and capillary-induced bubble entrapments at the void scale and promote lateral liquid spreading. When the AB(S) similar to 0.1, the t/t* for which the flow is governed by inertial (AB(I) > 1, Wei > 1) and capillary forces (AB(I) > 1, Wei < 1) decreases and the relative contribution of gravitational force is substantial at large t/t* (AB(I) < 1). This force balance leads to unified-void filling characterised by negligible bubble trapping and results in a decrease in the lateral spreading. Further decrease in the AB(S) to similar to 0.01 results in liquid spreading primarily governed by gravitational force (AB(I)< 1) with small contribution of inertial and capillary forces at the very beginning leading to trickling flow and a further decrease in lateral spreading. Finally, a regime map is proposed, which provides the relationship between different forces, void-scale events, and the resultant liquid spreading at t/t* similar to 1.

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Ambekar, A.S., Rüde, U., & Buwa, V.V. (2022). Forces governing the dynamics of liquid spreading in packed beds. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 948.


Ambekar, Aniket S., Ulrich Rüde, and Vivek V. Buwa. "Forces governing the dynamics of liquid spreading in packed beds." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 948 (2022).

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