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Publisher: Cambridge University Press (CUP)

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The flow around a stepped cylinder with turbulent wake and stable shear layer (2023) Massaro D, Peplinski A, Schlatter P Journal article Direct numerical simulation of a zero-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layer with passive scalars up to Prandtl number Pr = 6 (2023) Balasubramanian AG, Guastoni L, Schlatter P, Vinuesa R Journal article Suspensions of viscoelastic capsules: Effect of membrane viscosity on transient dynamics (2023) Guglietta F, Pelusi F, Sega M, Aouane O, Harting J Journal article Efficient prediction of turbulent flow quantities using a Bayesian hierarchical multifidelity model (2023) Rezaeiravesh S, Mukha T, Schlatter P Journal article Particle-resolved simulation of antidunes in free-surface flows (2023) Schwarzmeier C, Rettinger C, Kemmler S, Plewinski J, Núñez-González F, Köstler H, Rüde U, Vowinckel B Journal article, Original article Separating large-scale superposition and modulation in turbulent channels (2023) Andreolli A, Gatti D, Vinuesa R, Örlü R, Schlatter P Journal article Direct numerical simulations of turbulent pipe flow up to (2023) Yao J, Rezaeiravesh S, Schlatter P, Hussain F Journal article Forces governing the dynamics of liquid spreading in packed beds (2022) Ambekar AS, Rüde U, Buwa VV Journal article Shear-induced motion of a bead on regular substrates at small particle Reynolds numbers (2022) Topic N, Rodríguez Agudo J, Luzi G, Czech F, Wierschem A Journal article Hydrodynamic particle interactions in linear and radial viscosity gradients (2022) Ziegler S, Smith AS Journal article