Competence orientation in sport: a taxonomy for physical education

Toepfer C, Hapke J, Liebl S, Sygusch R (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


DOI: 10.1007/s12662-022-00831-0


Competence orientation in physical education (PE) has been stimulated in recent years by different modelling approaches to clarify what characterises students' competence in PE. Knowledge and practice have become established as the basic two concepts for competence. The existing concepts for PE, however, remain largely abstract in terms of how this knowledge and practice as well as their interactions can be operationalised in competence-oriented PE. This article aims to operationalise knowledge and practice against the background of the ability to act as the educational mission of the subject of PE and to map their interaction in a three-dimensional taxonomy. As starting points, we take up existing generic educational competence models. Further points of orientation are the PE-didactic state of research about demanding situations and the ability to act in the culture of PE and movement, about knowledge as a core component of competent PE-related actions, and about selected competence models in PE. Following cognitive-psychological models, the taxonomy is divided into three dimensions. The content dimension outlines which knowledge content is significant in relation to movement fields and pedagogical perspectives in the subject of PE. The activity dimension comprises six activities that are embedded in the areas of knowledge acquisition, knowledge utilisation and knowledge creation. The complexity dimension describes three levels, which subdivide competence-oriented learning objectives, learning tasks and performance tasks with regard to their complexity. This taxonomy offers approaches for operationalising competence in PE. It thus serves as an orientation grid for the methodological-didactic conception as well as the empirical analysis of competence-oriented teaching-learning processes and their effects in PE.

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Toepfer, C., Hapke, J., Liebl, S., & Sygusch, R. (2022). Competence orientation in sport: a taxonomy for physical education. German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research.


Toepfer, Clemens, et al. "Competence orientation in sport: a taxonomy for physical education." German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research (2022).

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