Automatic plane adjustment of orthopedic intraoperative flat panel detector CT-volumes

Martín Vicario C, Kordon FJ, Denzinger F, El Barbari JS, Privalov M, Franke J, Thomas S, Kausch L, Maier A, Kunze H (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2022


Book Volume: 9

Pages Range: 1-19

Journal Issue: 3

DOI: 10.1117/1.JMI.9.3.034001

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Purpose: To assess the result in orthopedic trauma surgery, usually three-dimensional volume data of the treated region is acquired. With mobile C-arm systems, these acquisitions can be performed intraoperatively, reducing the number of required revision surgeries. However, the acquired volumes are typically not aligned to the anatomical regions. Thus, the multiplanar reconstructed (MPR) planes need to be adjusted manually during the review of the volume. To speed up and ease the workflow, an automatic parameterization of these planes is needed.

Approach: We present a detailed study of multitask learning (MTL) regression networks to estimate the parameters of the MPR planes. First, various mathematical descriptions for rotation, including Euler angle, quaternion, and matrix representation, are revised. Then, two different MTL network architectures based on the PoseNet are compared with a single task learning network.

Results: Using a matrix description rather than the Euler angle description, the accuracy of the regressed normals improves from 7.7 deg to 7.3 deg in the mean value for single anatomies. The multihead approach improves the regression of the plane position from 7.4 to 6.1 mm, whereas the orientation does not benefit from this approach. Thus, the achieved accuracy meets the reported interrater variance in similarly complex body regions of up to 6.3 deg for the normals and up to 9.3 mm for the plane position.

Conclusions: The use of a multihead approach with shared features leads to more accurate plane regression compared with the use of individual networks for each task. It also improves the angle estimation for the ankle region. The reported results are in the same range as manual plane adjustments. The use of a combined network with shared parameters requires less memory, which is a great benefit for the implementation of an application for the surgical environment.

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Martín Vicario, C., Kordon, F.J., Denzinger, F., El Barbari, J.S., Privalov, M., Franke, J.,... Kunze, H. (2022). Automatic plane adjustment of orthopedic intraoperative flat panel detector CT-volumes. Journal of Medical Imaging, 9(3), 1-19.


Martín Vicario, Celia, et al. "Automatic plane adjustment of orthopedic intraoperative flat panel detector CT-volumes." Journal of Medical Imaging 9.3 (2022): 1-19.

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