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eISSN: 2329-4302
Publisher: Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

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Fast 3D YOLOv3 based standard plane regression of vertebral bodies in intra-operative CBCT volumes (2023) Doerrich S, Kordon FJ, Denzinger F, El Barbari JS, Privalov M, Vetter SY, Maier A, Kunze H Journal article Automatic plane adjustment of orthopedic intraoperative flat panel detector CT-volumes (2022) Martín Vicario C, Kordon FJ, Denzinger F, El Barbari JS, Privalov M, Franke J, Thomas S, et al. Journal article, Original article Fast whole-slide cartography in colon cancer histology using superpixels and CNN classification (2022) Wilm F, Benz M, Bruns V, Baghdadlian S, Dexl J, Hartmann D, Kuritcyn P, et al. Journal article Science and practice of imaging physics through 50 years of SPIE Medical Imaging conferences (2022) Wang A, Cunningham I, Danielsson M, Fahrig R, Flohr T, Hoeschen C, Noo F, et al. Journal article Special Section Guest Editorial: Computed tomography (CT) at 50 years (2021) La Rivière PJ, Fahrig R, Pelc NJ Journal article Flat-panel conebeam CT in the clinic: history and current state (2021) Fahrig R, Jaffray DA, Sechopoulos I, Webster Stayman J Journal article, Review article K-edge subtraction imaging for iodine and calcium separation at a compact synchrotron x-ray source (2020) Kulpe S, Dierolf M, Braig EM, Guenther B, Achterhold K, Gleich B, Herzen J, et al. Journal article Dose and spatial resolution analysis of grating-based phase-contrast mammography using an inverse Compton x-ray source (2020) Heck L, Eggl E, Grandl S, Dierolf M, Jud C, Guenther B, Achterhold K, et al. Journal article GIFTed Demons: Deformable image registration with local structure-preserving regularization using supervoxels for liver applications (2018) Papiez BW, Franklin JM, Heinrich MP, Gleeson FV, Brady M, Schnabel JA Journal article Plan in 2-D, execute in 3-D: An augmented reality solution for cup placement in total hip arthroplasty (2018) Fotouhi J, Alexander CP, Unberath M, Taylor G, Lee SC, Fuerst B, Johnson A, et al. Journal article