Review on mechanical joining by plastic deformation

Meschut G, Merklein M, Brosius A, Drummer D, Fratini L, Füssel U, Gude M, Homberg W, Martins PAF, Bobbert M, Lechner M, Kupfer R, Gröger B, Han D, Kalich J, Kappe F, Kleffel T, Köhler D, Kuball CM, Popp J, Römisch D, Troschitz J, Wischer C, Wituschek S, Wolf M (2022)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article, Review article

Publication year: 2022


DOI: 10.1016/j.jajp.2022.100113


Mechanical joining technologies are increasingly used in multi-material lightweight constructions and offer opportunities to create versatile joining processes due to their low heat input, robustness to metallurgical incompatibilities and various process variants. They can be categorised into technologies which require an auxiliary joining element, or do not require an auxiliary joining element. A typical example for a mechanical joining process with auxiliary joining element is self-piercing riveting. A wide range of processes exist which are not requiring an auxiliary joining element. This allows both point-shaped (e.g., by clinching) and line-shaped (e.g., friction stir welding) joints to be produced. In order to achieve versatile processes, challenges exist in particular in the creation of intervention possibilities in the process and the understanding and handling of materials that are difficult to join, such as fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) or high-strength metals. In addition, predictive capability is required, which in particular requires accurate process simulation. Finally, the processes must be measured non-destructively in order to generate control variables in the process or to investigate the cause-effect relationship. This paper covers the state of the art in scientific research concerning mechanical joining and discusses future challenges on the way to versatile mechanical joining processes.

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Meschut, G., Merklein, M., Brosius, A., Drummer, D., Fratini, L., Füssel, U.,... Wolf, M. (2022). Review on mechanical joining by plastic deformation. Journal of Advanced Joining Processes.


Meschut, Gerson, et al. "Review on mechanical joining by plastic deformation." Journal of Advanced Joining Processes (2022).

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