Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Free-Space Optical Communications

Jamali V, Ajam H, Najafi M, Schmauß B, Schober R, Poor HV (2021)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2021


Book Volume: 59

Pages Range: 57-63

Journal Issue: 10

DOI: 10.1109/MCOM.001.2100406


Free-space optical (FSO) systems are able to offer the high data-rate, secure, and cost-efficient communication links required for applications such as wireless front- and backhauling for 5G and 6G communication networks. Despite the substantial advancement of FSO systems over the past decades, the requirement of a line-of-sight connection between transmitter and receiver remains a key limiting factor for their deployment. In this article, we discuss the potential role of intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRSs) as a solution to relax this requirement. We present an overview of existing optical IRS technologies; compare optical IRSs with radio frequency IRSs and optical relays; and identify various open problems for future research on IRS-assisted FSO communications.

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Jamali, V., Ajam, H., Najafi, M., Schmauß, B., Schober, R., & Poor, H.V. (2021). Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Free-Space Optical Communications. IEEE Communications Magazine, 59(10), 57-63.


Jamali, Vahid, et al. "Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Free-Space Optical Communications." IEEE Communications Magazine 59.10 (2021): 57-63.

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