Intelligent User Assistance for Automated Data Mining Method Selection

Zschech P, Horn R, Hoeschele D, Janiesch C, Heinrich K (2020)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2020


Book Volume: 62

Pages Range: 227-247

Journal Issue: 3


DOI: 10.1007/s12599-020-00642-3

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In any data science and analytics project, the task of mapping a domain-specific problem to an adequate set of data mining methods by experts of the field is a crucial step. However, these experts are not always available and data mining novices may be required to perform the task. While there are several research efforts for automated method selection as a means of support, only a few approaches consider the particularities of problems expressed in the natural and domain-specific language of the novice. The study proposes the design of an intelligent assistance system that takes problem descriptions articulated in natural language as an input and offers advice regarding the most suitable class of data mining methods. Following a design science research approach, the paper (i) outlines the problem setting with an exemplary scenario from industrial practice, (ii) derives design requirements, (iii) develops design principles and proposes design features, (iv) develops and implements the IT artifact using several methods such as embeddings, keyword extractions, topic models, and text classifiers, (v) demonstrates and evaluates the implemented prototype based on different classification pipelines, and (vi) discusses the results’ practical and theoretical contributions. The best performing classification pipelines show high accuracies when applied to validation data and are capable of creating a suitable mapping that exceeds the performance of joint novice assessments and simpler means of text mining. The research provides a promising foundation for further enhancements, either as a stand-alone intelligent assistance system or as an add-on to already existing data science and analytics platforms.

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Zschech, P., Horn, R., Hoeschele, D., Janiesch, C., & Heinrich, K. (2020). Intelligent User Assistance for Automated Data Mining Method Selection. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 62(3), 227-247.


Zschech, Patrick, et al. "Intelligent User Assistance for Automated Data Mining Method Selection." Business & Information Systems Engineering 62.3 (2020): 227-247.

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