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Predictive end-to-end enterprise process network monitoring (2023) Oberdorf F, Schaschek M, Weinzierl S, Stein N, Matzner M, Flath C Journal article, Original article Consequences of Enterprise Social Media Network Positions for Employees: A Literature Review and Research Agenda (2023) Schötteler S, Laumer S, Schuhbauer H Journal article, Review article Generative AI (2023) Feuerriegel S, Hartmann J, Janiesch C, Zschech P Journal article How Can the BISE Community Promote Tech Startups? (2023) Haag S, Chase C, Miczaika G, Möslein K, Steininger D, Zarnekow R, van Bohemen J Journal article Algorithmic Accountability (2023) Horneber D, Laumer S Journal article, other A Dark Side of Telework: A Social Comparison-Based Study from the Perspective of Office Workers (2022) Maier C, Laumer S, Weitzel T Journal article Quo Vadis Conferences in the Business and Information Systems Engineering (BISE) Community After Covid (2021) Leimeister JM, Stieglitz S, Matzner M, Kundisch D, Flath C, Röglinger M Journal article, Online publication Correction to: The Role of IS in the Conflicting Interests Regarding GDPR (Business & Information Systems Engineering, (2020), 62, 3, (261-272), 10.1007/s12599-020-00633-4) (2021) Jakobi T, von Grafenstein M, Legner C, Labadie C, Mertens P, Öksüz A, Stevens G Journal article, Erratum Digital Industrial Platforms (2021) Pauli T, Fielt E, Matzner M Journal article, Original article Seven Paradoxes of Business Process Management in a Hyper-Connected World (2021) Beverungen D, Buijs JCAM, Becker J, Di Ciccio C, van der Aalst WMP, Bartelheimer C, vom Brocke J, et al. Journal article, Original article
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