Maintenance as a service system in the context of the internet of things

Oks SJ, Fritzsche A (2015)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Abstract of lecture

Publication year: 2015

Event location: Venedig IT


The internet of things does not only provide sensorial data to improve the management and control of complex operational networks. It also creates new business opportunities on the basis of value streams that have previously not been accessible. These value streams rely on combinations of human action, technical operation and other resources and can therefore best be described as service systems.Maintenance activities appear to be a particularly promising field of research in this context. Increased sensorial input about the performance of machines and the environmental conditions under which it takes place allows us to identify new weaknesses, predict failures in advance and optimize procedures for parts exchange and repair. This creates a huge savings potential for manufacturing and other industrial operations, which, however, can only be realized if companies rearrange their maintenance procedures and define new roles for the actors in their value creation processes.Our paper presents a comparative study of four different cases in which companies intend to improve their maintenance procedures using the internet of things. This includes car production, the operation of wind energy parks, plant engineering and automotive parts supply. We consider maintenance as a service system that involves different actors with different contributions. For each of the four cases, we describe the specific roles and responsibilities of these actors and their interplay with one another in order to highlight the variety of different possibilities to configure the service system.Our findings indicate that, despite all differences, there is a general need to revise the conception of the competencies and abilities of the people involved in the system in order to create new value streams. Therefore we advocate a user-centered design approach to service systems design in the context of the internet of things and draft a suitable procedure for the cases in question.

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Oks, S.J., & Fritzsche, A. (2015). Maintenance as a service system in the context of the internet of things. Paper presentation at 1st Service Systems Forum, Venedig, IT.


Oks, Sascha Julian, and Albrecht Fritzsche. "Maintenance as a service system in the context of the internet of things." Presented at 1st Service Systems Forum, Venedig 2015.

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