Gated Epitaxial Graphene Devices

Waldmann D, Jobst J, Speck F, Seyller T, Krieger M, Weber HB (2012)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2012


Publisher: Trans Tech Publications

Book Volume: 717-720

Pages Range: 675-678


DOI: 10.4028/


A bottom gate scheme is presented to tune the charge density of epitaxial graphene via a gate voltage while leaving the surface open for further manipulation or investigation. Depending on the doping concentration of the buried gate layer, the temperature and illumination, the bottom gate structure can be operated in two regimes with distinct capacitances. A model is proposed, which quantitatively describes the gate operation. The model is verified by a control experiment with an illuminated gate structure using UV light. Using UV illumination the Schottky capacitor (SC) regime, which provides improved gate efficiency, can be used even at low temperatures. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

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Waldmann, D., Jobst, J., Speck, F., Seyller, T., Krieger, M., & Weber, H.B. (2012). Gated Epitaxial Graphene Devices. Materials Science Forum, 717-720, 675-678.


Waldmann, Daniel, et al. "Gated Epitaxial Graphene Devices." Materials Science Forum 717-720 (2012): 675-678.

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