bidt-Graduate Center für Postdocs für das Projekt: Virtual Dynamic Contrast Enhancement - transforming breast cancer screening with MRI using the power of digitalization (DR-Virtual Dynamic Contrast Enhancement)

Third party funded individual grant

Acronym: DR-Virtual Dynamic Contrast Enhancement

Start date : 01.10.2022

End date : 30.09.2026

Project details

Short description

This project aspires to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to potentially improve methods used in breast cancer screenings. Specifically, it addresses an aspect of breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that currently necessitates a contrast-enhancement through the use of a gadolinium-based contrast agent (GBCA). Although GBCAs are considered safe, their administration is invasive and can very occasionally cause side effects in patients. Furthermore, the use of GBCAs involves substantial costs and procedural expenses for the healthcare systems. Another implication of using GBCAs is the environmental impact, as their use contributes to the release of the heavy metal gadolinium into our water systems. The objective of the research is to explore how AI can be used together with specific non-contrast-enhanced MRI acquisition protocols to bypass these issues, possibly improving patient comfort, reducing costs, and decreasing environmental impact.


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