Emergency barriers in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases - Neutrophil-epithelial crosstalk shapes epithelial restitution in the ulcer microenvironment (SFB/TRR 241)

Third Party Funds Group - Sub project

Acronym: SFB/TRR 241

Start date : 01.07.2022

End date : 30.06.2026

Extension date: 30.06.2030

Website: https://www.transregio241.de/

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Overall project

TRR 241: Immun-Epitheliale Signalwege bei chronisch entzündlichen Darmerkrankungen

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Therapy-refractory subgroups of patients suffering from IBD often feature deep ulcerations and neutrophil granulocyte-related molecular signatures. We propose that the interplay between neutrophils and wound-associated intestinal epithelial cells determines successful epithelial restitution and will shed light on this conflicted intercellular crosstalk. We focus on how wound-associated epithelia are imprinted by neutrophils in the ulcer microenvironment and which protective mechanisms are used by these specialized cells in order to shape the innate immune response and support mucosal healing in IBD-related ulcers.


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