Artificial Intelligent as a Market Participant – Implications for Antitrust Law

FAU own research funding: EFI / IZKF / EAM ...

Start date : 15.01.2023

End date : 14.01.2024

Project details

Short description

With the continuous progress and adaptation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various industry, Impacts and Implications for Antitrust Law has been discussed from the perspective of jurisprudence. In this intended project, comprehensive investigations on this research topic will be performed, especially with the focus on the technical demonstration and the analysis of the algorithms. More concretely, the simulation of a complex E-commerce market will be established first. Experiments and analysis with different AI algorithms for automated pricing decisions on the simulated marketplace will be conducted with the goal to stimulate the collusive pricing strategies via overt or/and covert communications. The legal consequences will be derived based on the results of the conducted experiments. 


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