Fairly allocating vaccines for COVID-19

Third party funded individual grant

Start date : 15.03.2021

End date : 16.07.2021

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Using our expertise in discrete mathematics, in this proposal, we quantify the notion of a fair allocation of medical drugs to users seeking them. We develop mathematical optimization models that ensure all priority groups have an equal access to resources (such as, vaccines) when resources are scarce. Solutions to such mathematical models involve the so-called "water-filling" algorithms - how much demand of multiple users could be satisfied, when the total resource is scarce. In the presence of multiple users - such as when a new priority group is added to a list - the naïve algorithms do not work. The presence of multiple vaccines, such as Pfizer and Moderna, available in different amounts further complicates the logistics. A successful collaboration would ensure: (i) new mathematical models for use by the optimization community, (ii) practical guidelines for distribution of vaccines for the Bavarian and Czech Republic policymakers when new population priority groups are identified, and (iii) support of a masters student working on this project.


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