Teaching Practice Partnership Model in Pre-Service Teacher Education (INSHIP)

Third party funded individual grant

Acronym: INSHIP

Start date : 01.09.2019

End date : 31.08.2023

Website: https://www.spaed.phil.fau.de/forschung/forschungsschwerpunkte/#collapse_7

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Short description

The project entitled Teaching Practice Partnership Model in Pre-Service Teacher Education (INSHIP) aims to develop educational innovation in the area of higher education through a complementary partnership model for teaching practice (TP) in initial teacher education. The project follows four main objectives: (1) Provision of appropriate educational opportunities for student teachers in the course of TP, (2) Enhancement of the professional competencies of academic staff in the in-service course of TP (CPD-INSHIP course), (3) Operationalization of tools and guidance materials for implementation of TP (INSHIP-toolkit) (4) Development of Professional Learning Network in TP (INSHIP-PLN).
INSHIP-project derives from an international consortium of experts in the field of teacher education, and is evidence-based. Its background is a socio-constructivist paradigm, at the forefront of which is situational learning of student teachers, and the role of collaboration and professional learning communities in bridging the gap between theory and practice in teacher education, which can be exceeded in an authentic learning context, i.e. in the concrete work environments. Moreover, in the course of the TP student teachers become professionally socialised, evolving their professional identity on the basis of shared attitudes and values within the teaching and learning community. Finally, the active participation of students in their future work environments contributes to their professional promotion, as the particular school gets to know the individual students during the TP course, which provides for a higher level of security of the institution in the employment of the graduates.
The main achievement of the project will be the INSHIP-model, which will take the form of four basic elements covering the educational principles of strategic complementary partnership collaboration, professional socialisation, the student teachers TP competencies, and quality indicators for TP, with its own developed evaluation system. Supporting the INSHIP-model, the CPD-INSHIP course for academic staff will be developed and piloted within the project, as well as the INSHIP-toolkit and INSHIP-PLN fostering the spread of the professional learning community in TP by using INSHIP-portal, attending various professional meetings and using the materials produced in INSHIP. The INSHIP-project aims to bring together a total of 96 education professionals for INSHIP transnational teaching / learning / training events. It is planned to engage with another 150 education professionals for professional dissemination events taking place ones simultaneously across 6 partner countries and 120 participants in the INSHIP final conference. It is expected to gradually involve more education professionals across the participating countries who will benefit INSHIP-PLN, as well as other project outputs over time.


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