Injection, mixing, and autoignition of e-fuels for CI engines (eSpray)

Third Party Funds Group - Sub project

Acronym: eSpray

Start date : 01.10.2019

End date : 30.09.2021


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Overall project

Injection, mixing, and autoignition of e-fuels for CI engines

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Scientific Abstract

E-fuels that use regenerative energy will be an important part of future sustainable mobility. They will provide chemical storage of volatile renewable energies and show a huge potential to deliver controlled, clean and efficient combustion for future vehicles. However, their physical-chemical behavior in the internal combustion engine needs to be understood and implemented in simulation tools to reach optimum efficiency and close to zero emissions. Especially oxygenated e-fuels promise to be conducive to clean combustion. Compression ignition (CI) engines offer highest efficiencies but suffer from complex combustion situations in the aim of lowest emissions. This project contributes to sustainable mobility by providing the detailed understanding of the behavior the oxygenated e-fuels in compression-ignition engines.


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