Metrologie für Fügeprozesse und -verbindungen (C05) (TRR 285 C05)

Third Party Funds Group - Sub project

Acronym: TRR 285 C05

Start date : 01.07.2023

End date : 30.06.2027



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Journal article
Book chapter / Article in edited volumes
Authored book
Edited Volume
Conference contribution
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Dynamic conformity assessment for joining force monitoring using Bayes filters (2023) Butzhammer L, Kappe F, Meschut G, Hausotte T Conference contribution, Original article Fiber Orientation in continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics/metal hybrid joining via multi-pin arrays (2023) Popp J, Busch M, Hausotte T, Drummer D Journal article, other Simulation-based investigation of the metrological interface structural resolution capability of X-ray computed tomography scanners (2023) Busch M, Hausotte T Journal article Calibration of 3D scan trajectories for an industrial computed tomography setup with 6-DOF object manipulator system using a single sphere (2022) Butzhammer L, Müller A, Hausotte T Journal article Herausforderungen bei computertomografischen Untersuchungen von Fügeverbindungen (2022) Busch M, Butzhammer L, Hausotte T Journal article, other Simulation-based separation of mixed material joints using X-ray computed tomography (2022) Busch M, Binder F, Hausotte T Conference contribution, Abstract of lecture Application of an edge detection algorithm for surface determination in industrial X‑ray computed tomography (2022) Busch M, Hausotte T Journal article, other Über die Abgrenzung von Auflösungskonzepten in der industriellen Computertomografie (2022) Binder F, Hausotte T Journal article, Online publication Atomic Force Microscope with an Adjustable Probe Direction and Integrated Sensing and Actuation (2022) Schaude J, Hausotte T Journal article, Original article Determination of the Interface Structural Resolution of an Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomograph Using a Spherical Specimen and a Gap Specimen Consisting of Gauge Blocks (2021) Busch M, Hausotte T Conference contribution, Conference Contribution