In-situ nanomechanics and FIB tomography of thin films (EXC315 EAM (A2-3))

Third Party Funds Group - Sub project

Acronym: EXC315 EAM (A2-3)

Start date : 01.11.2012

End date : 31.10.2017



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Applicability of focused Ion beam (FIB) milling with gallium, neon, and xenon to the fracture toughness characterization of gold thin films (2021) Preiß E, Merle B, Xiao Y, Gannott F, Liebig JP, Wheeler JM, Göken M Journal article A versatile cryo-transfer system, connecting cryogenic focused ion beam sample preparation to atom probe microscopy (2021) Macauley C, Heller M, Rausch A, Kümmel F, Felfer P Journal article Indium and antimony distribution in a sphalerite from the “burgstaetter gangzug” of the upper harz mountains pb-zn mineralization (2020) Schirmer T, Ließmann W, Macauley C, Felfer P Journal article Influence of Ta on the oxidation resistance of WB2−z coatings (2020) Fuger C, Schwartz B, Wojcik T, Moraes V, Weiss M, Limbeck A, Macauley C, et al. Journal article Combining Experiments and Atom Probe Tomography-Informed Simulations on γ′ Precipitation Strengthening in the Polycrystalline Ni-Base Superalloy A718Plus (2020) Kirchmayer A, Lyu H, Pröbstle M, Houlle F, Förner A, Huenert D, Göken M, et al. Journal article Microstructural dependence of the fracture toughness of metallic thin films: A bulge test and atomistic simulation study on single-crystalline and polycrystalline silver films (2019) Preiß E, Lyu H, Liebig JP, Richter G, Gannott F, Gruber PA, Göken M, et al. Journal article, Original article Influence of stacking fault energy and dislocation character on slip transfer at coherent twin boundaries studied by micropillar compression (2018) Liebig JP, Krauß S, Göken M, Merle B Journal article Dynamic mechanical characterization of poly(glycerol sebacate)/poly (butylene succinate-butylene dilinoleate) blends for cardiac tissue engineering by flat punch nanoindentation (2018) Merle B, Kraus X, Tallawi M, Scharfe B, El Fray M, Aifantis KE, Boccaccini AR, Göken M Journal article Scaling of the fracture toughness of freestanding metallic thin films with the yield strength (2018) Preiß E, Gannott F, Göken M, Merle B Journal article, Original article Micromechanical characterization of laser consolidated nanoparticle ITO layers (2017) Mikschl F, Merle B, Baum M, Heberle J, Göken M, Schmidt M Journal article
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