Modular composite Joint 3D (MoJo 3D)

FAU own research funding: EFI / IZKF / EAM ...

Acronym: MoJo 3D

Start date : 01.01.2017

End date : 31.12.2018

Extension date: 31.12.2019


Project details

Short description

The purpose of the ‘MoJo 3D – Modular composite Joint 3D’ project is to develop a completely innovative technology that will make it possible to restore a functional joint surface in patients suffering from osteoarthritis or with cartilage damaged by trauma. The objective is to generate a highly resilient yet frictionless joint surface based on a modular concept personalised for the patient undergoing treatment. This interdisciplinary project brings together the fields of materials science, cellular biology, stem cell research, tissue engineering, biomechanics and the clinical fields of orthopaedics, trauma surgery and rheumatology. The intention is to create a material with a modular structure that is adapted to the biological and biomechanical requirements of the human joint. In order to devise the completely new construction and application concepts required for this form of regenerative treatment, the project combines the existing expertise at FAU.


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