Simulation von Smart Grids

Internally funded project

Start date : 01.01.2012

End date : 31.12.2015

Project details

Scientific Abstract

With new technologies emerging in the field of renewable energies and communications, the notion of a smart grid has evolved. Using smart grids, the traditional structure of centralized energy networks is shifted to a decentralized network in which the energy can freely be distributed. Considering the new structure and technologies, there is a need to evaluate efficiency, economic viability, and reliability.
The evaluation uses graphs, representing the smart grid, and solves mixed-integer optimization problems to simulate optimal behavior. The project does not only aim at simulating smart grids, but also at finding solutions to extend or plan smart grids on large scale and assess the investment on green energy producing devices (e.g. solar panels) for the individual member of the smart grid.

Funded by Energiecampus Nürnberg


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