mHealth tOol for parkinsOn’s disease training and rehabilitation at Patient’s home (HOOP)

Third Party Funds Group - Overall project

Acronym: HOOP

Start date : 01.02.2018

End date : 31.01.2019


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HOOP is an mHealth platorm for Parkinson's disease patients' training and rehabilitation, based on music and haptic stimulation, to be used in the patient’s home employing a set of sensors and exercises to evaluate the performance. HOOP will become a commercial product which will enable Parkinson's patients' rehabilitation at home in a cost-effective basis. It is based on the use of acoustic and haptic stimulation techniques during the performance of motor (upper and lower limbs) and nonmotor exercises (cognitive tests). According to the high versatility of the product, HOOP will create a sustainable business plan which will introduce into several target markets, including but not limited to Parkinson’s patients.


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