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Start date : 01.01.2001


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Predictive simulation of process windows for powder bed fusion additive manufacturing: Influence of the powder size distribution (2018) Rausch A, Markl M, Körner C Journal article, Original article Predictive Simulation of Process Windows for Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing: Influence of the Powder Bulk Density (2017) Rausch A, Küng V, Pobel C, Markl M, Körner C Journal article Macroscopic simulation and experimental measurement of melt pool characteristics in selective electron beam melting of Ti-6Al-4V (2017) Riedlbauer DR, Scharowsky T, Singer R, Steinmann P, Körner C, Mergheim J Journal article, Original article Simulation of grain structure evolution during powder bed based additive manufacturing (2017) Rai A, Helmer H, Körner C Journal article, Original article Numerical Investigations of Selective Electron Beam Melting on the Powder Scale (2016) Markl M, Bauereiß A, Rai A, Körner C Conference contribution Defect generation and propagation mechanism during additive manufacturing by selective beam melting (2014) Bauereiß A, Scharowsky T, Körner C Journal article, Original article Fundamental consolidation mechanisms during selective beam melting of powders (2013) Körner C, Bauereiß A, Attar E Journal article, Original article Observation and numerical simulation of melt pool dynamic and beam powder interaction during selective electron beam melting (2012) Scharowsky T, Bauereiß A, Singer R, Körner C Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Simulation of Selective Electron Beam Melting Process (2011) Attar E Thesis