Third Party Funds Group - Sub project

Start date : 01.05.2006

End date : 30.07.2012

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Overall project

SPP 1253: Optimisation with Partial Differential Equations May 1, 2006 - May 1, 2009

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Scientific Abstract

The coordinator administers the budget for the guest program, workshops publications and dissemination. A kick-off meeting will be organized in the first year (2006), a status-meeting as well as specified workshops will be held in 2007. Finally, in 2008 an international Conference will be organized and a general meeting of the members of the priority program will provide a resume of the first period as well as an outlook to the second funding period. There will be a guest program both for local mutual visits of the members of the priority program and for extended stays of distinguished researchers in the field of optimization, numerical analysis and engineering in Germany. An internet portal will be installed that provides continuous information to members and non-members. That portal will also host a preprint-server, and will maintain a list of useful links. Furthermore, chat-rooms should be provided that invite also non-members to actively take part in the discussion. There will be a presentation of engineering applications where optimization is seen crucial. Survey articles on optimization with PDEconstraints should be provide also for non-experts. By these measures the coordinator would like to achieve a maximal dissemination of the main ideas and methods.


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