Variability Management in Operating Systems (VAMOS)

Third party funded individual grant

Acronym: VAMOS

Start date : 01.11.2008

End date : 31.10.2011

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Scientific Abstract

Topic of the project is variability of system software evoked by the non- functional properties of operating-system functions, which emerges from (a) different implementations of the same system function to make an appearance of certain non-functional properties and (b) the using level of those implementations in order to compensate for effects of these properties. Program sequences taking care of a case-dependent compensation of effects at places of their ramification in system software will be described by means of problem-specific fittings using a domain-specific programming language (DSL): a fitting is similar to an aspect (AOP) but can be brought in the system software fine-grained and at extra declared program points. Fusion of implementations and ramification places of selected non-functional properties is done by a tool (fitting compiler) to process fittings in a case-specific manner. This way, architectural concerns of an operating system related to e.g. synchronisation, preemption (of execution threads), and operating mode are going to be treated. Applicability of this approach is validated on the basis of proprietary (CiAO) and non-proprietary (eCos, Linux) developments. In order alleviate risk of wrong decisions in the configuration process, multi-criteria assessment of functional identical but in non-functional terms different operating-system products will be carried out.


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