SFB 796: Integrated Research Training Group (MGK) (SFB 796/MGK)

Third Party Funds Group - Overall project

Acronym: SFB 796/MGK

Start date : 01.01.2009

End date : 31.12.2012

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Overall project

SFB 796: Steuerungsmechanismen mikrobieller Effektoren in Wirtszellen

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Scientific Abstract

The investigation of host-pathogen interactions is one of the most interesting and fascinating areas in modern life sciences. It addresses important questions in the fields of bio-medicine, microbiology and plant science. An essential prerequisite for improved therapies in medicine and for the development of pathogen-resistant and high yielding crop plants, is the understanding of the molecular and structural bases of host-pathogen relationships. The "Erlangen School of Molecular Communication" offers top-level research training in internationally renowned laboratories. The school is integrated in the Collaborative Research Centre "Reprogramming of host cells by microbial effectors" (SFB 796) and provides an attractive doctoral programme with lively scientific exchange and interdisciplinary work. A framework of joint meetings, seminars, retreats and a summer school guarantees a broad and high standard education of students based on the interdisciplinary nature of this SFB comprising groups from Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Medical and Molecular Microbiology as well as Virology. Internationalization will be fostered by co-operations with foreign institutions such as the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Houston, Texas and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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