Support for inter-domain routing and data replication in virtual coordinate based networks

Third party funded individual grant

Start date : 01.01.2010

End date : 31.12.2011

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Recently, it has been shown that virtual coordinate based routing techniques are able to overcome several problems in ad hoc networks. They are independent of known geographic locations and less prone to routing failures. Additionally, some of the proposed solutions are exploiting the concept of Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) to support data management. A typical example is the Virtual Cord Protocol (VCP). However, it is unclear how to integrate multiple networks or network domains in the concept of virtual address identifiers. We propose a solution for inter-domain routing in virtual coordinate based protocols by exploiting the available DHT. Together with appropriate indirections, efficient inter-domain routing becomes possible. The collaborative study should establish a scientific link between the two research groups and provide novel insight into the applicability of virtual coordinate based network protocols in the case of mobile multi-domain environments. Derived solutions are important building blocks for efficient vehicular information sharing systems as well as for mobile sensor network applications.


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