Manufacturing Error-free Goods at First Time (MEGaFIT)

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Acronym: MEGaFIT

Start date : 01.02.2012

End date : 31.01.2015

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Overall project

Manufacturing Error-free Goods at First Time

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The aim within this EU-project, in cooperation with 16 international partners from both research and industry, is the zero-defect-manufacturing of complex high-precision metal parts by real time adaptive process control. The adopted method is based on development and integration of in-depth process knowledge, as well as in-line measurement and real-time adaptive process control. Two different production technologies are studied exemplarily: additive manufacturing and multi-step microforming. The research activity within this project of the Institute of Manufacturing Technology focusses on the design as well as on simulative and experimental study of a microcoining process, which is part of the multi-step microforming. The analysis of the experiments, together with the development and validation of the simulation model, leads to the identification of the critical parameters which can be adjusted by the control system in mass production.

Scientific Abstract

Today, Europe's leading position in manufacturing of high-precision metal parts is being threatened by developed non-EU countries that catch up quickly on product quality at low cost. If no further action is taken, loss of jobs and GDP are at risk.To face global competition, a breakthrough is needed in tackling the following 4 challenges:1) High number of defects2) Many costly, energy suming finishing operations are needed.3) tinuous trend for higher quality, smaller features, lower costs, at simultaneous demand for customised products.4) Six-Sigma methodology reaches its limits for these complex processes (multi step / customised).MEGaFiT will realise this essential breakthrough.The primary goal of MEGaFiT is to develop and integrate all necessary technologies which create the basis to reduce the number of defects in manufacturing of complex high-precision metal parts. This will be achieved by developing and integrating in-depth process knowledge, in-line measurement and real-time adaptive process trol. Proof will be given on pilot production lines in industrial settings.MEGaFiT will do this with a sortium of partners best-in-class in these fields. The methodology that will be used to come to efficient realisation is the following: (1) Define and describe the process (2) Measure actual process performance (3) Identify potential adaptive trol solutions (4) Design adaptive trol solutions and (5) Verify the adaptive trol solution.This methodology will result in reduction of: defects from 5-15% to <1%; cost by >20%; material and energy sumption by >20%; and number of finishing operations by >35%.The knowledge-based MEGaFiT results are also applicable in different sectors, leading to low defects, despite customization trends. MEGaFiT will therefore help in assuring a competitive and sustainable European manufacturing industry.


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