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Tissue niche occupancy determines the contribution of fetal- versus bone-marrow-derived macrophages to IgG effector functions (2024) Wöhner M, Brechtelsbauer S, Friedrich N, Vorsatz C, Bulang J, Liang C, Schorr L, et al. Journal article Immunoglobulin G-dependent inhibition of inflammatory bone remodeling requires pattern recognition receptor Dectin-1 (2023) Seeling M, Pöhnl M, Kara S, Horstmann N, Riemer CD, Wöhner M, Liang C, et al. Journal article, Original article The Xbp1-regulated transcription factor Mist1 restricts antibody secretion by restraining Blimp1 expression in plasma cells (2022) Wöhner M, Pinter T, Boenelt P, Hagelkruys A, Kostanova-Poliakova D, Stadlmann J, Konieczny SF, et al. Journal article Comprehensive CRISPR-Cas9 screen identifies factors which are important for plasmablast development (2022) Pinter T, Fischer M, Schaefer M, Fellner M, Jude J, Zuber J, Busslinger M, Wöhner M Journal article Repression of the B cell identity factor Pax5 is not required for plasma cell development (2020) Liu GJ, Jaritz M, Wöhner M, Agerer B, Bergthaler A, Malin SG, Busslinger M Journal article A crucial role for Jagunal homolog 1 in humoral immunity and antibody glycosylation in mice and humans (2020) Hagelkruys A, Wirnsberger G, Stadlmann J, Wöhner M, Horrer M, Vilagos B, Jonsson G, et al. Journal article Cryptic activation of an Irf8 enhancer governs cDC1 fate specification (2019) Durai V, Bagadia P, Granja JM, Satpathy AT, Kulkarni DH, Davidson JT, Wu R, et al. Journal article Precocious expression of Blimp1 in B cells causes autoimmune disease with increased self-reactive plasma cells (2019) Boenelt P, Wöhner M, Minnich M, Tagoh H, Fischer M, Jaritz M, Kavirayani A, et al. Journal article Essential role for the transcription factor Bhlhe41 in regulating the development, self-renewal and BCR repertoire of B-1a cells (2017) Kreslavsky T, Vilagos B, Tagoh H, Poliakova DK, Schwickert TA, Wöhner M, Jaritz M, et al. Journal article Molecular functions of the transcription factors E2A and E2-2 in controlling germinal center B cell and plasma cell development (2016) Wöhner M, Tagoh H, Bilic I, Jaritz M, Poliakova DK, Fischer M, Busslinger M Journal article