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Neutrophils seeking new neighbors: radiotherapy affects the cellular framework and the spatial organization in a murine breast cancer model (2024) Reichardt C, Munoz Becerra M, Rius Rigau A, Rückert M, Fietkau R, Schett G, Gaipl U, et al. Journal article Radiotherapy combined with docetaxel alters the immune phenotype of HNSCC cells and results in increased surface expression of CD137 and release of HMGB1 of specifically HPV-positive tumor cells (2023) Grottker F, Gehre S, Reichardt C, Sengedorj A, Jost T, Rieckmann T, Hecht M, et al. Journal article Clonogenicity-based radioresistance determines the expression of immune suppressive immune checkpoint molecules after hypofractionated irradiation of MDA-MB-231 triple-negative breast cancer cells (2023) Gehre S, Meyer F, Sengedorj A, Grottker F, Reichardt C, Alomo J, Borgmann K, et al. Journal article Early Histopathological Changes of the Salivary Glands Associated with the Development of Primary Sjogren's Syndrome (2022) Shan X, Reichardt C, Singh J, Zeitler A, Schauer C, Knopf J, Herrmann M, et al. Conference contribution Radioresistance shapes the immunogenic Properties of Triple-negative Breast Cancer Cells (2022) Gehre S, Rückert M, Sengedorj A, Grottker F, Reichardt C, Meyer F, Borgmann K, et al. Conference contribution Effect of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy on the Immunophenotype of Head and Neck Cancer Cells and the consecutive Activation of dendritic Cells (2022) Grottker F, Frey B, Gehre S, Reichardt C, Sengedorj A, Hecht M, Fietkau R, et al. Conference contribution