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Neutrophils seeking new neighbors: radiotherapy affects the cellular framework and the spatial organization in a murine breast cancer model (2024) Reichardt C, Munoz Becerra M, Rius Rigau A, Rückert M, Fietkau R, Schett G, Gaipl U, et al. Journal article Characterization of Vascular Niche in Systemic Sclerosis by Spatial Proteomics (2024) Rius Rigau A, Li YN, Matei AE, Györfi AH, Bruch PM, Koziel S, Devakumar V, et al. Journal article, Original article Attenuation of fibroblast activation and fibrosis by adropin in systemic sclerosis (2024) Liang M, Dickel N, Györfi AH, SafakTümerdem B, Li YN, Rius Rigau A, Liang C, et al. Journal article Combined inhibition of IL-1, IL-33 and IL-36 signalling by targeting IL1RAP ameliorates skin and lung fibrosis in preclinical models of systemic sclerosis (2024) Grönberg C, Rattik S, Tran-Manh C, Zhou X, Rius Rigau A, Li YN, Györfi AH, et al. Journal article TEMPORAL MIGRATION OF IMMUNE CELLS FROM PSORIATIC SKIN TO JOINTS INITIATING SYNOVIAL INFLAMMATION IN PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS (2022) Raimondo MG, Rauber S, Xu C, Mohammadian H, Vogg M, Anchang CG, Rigau A, et al. Conference contribution Engrailed 1 coordinates cytoskeletal reorganization to induce myofibroblast differentiation (2021) Györfi AH, Matei AE, Fuchs M, Liang C, Rigau A, Hong X, Zhu H, et al. Journal article ENGRAILED 1 COORDINATES CYTOSKELETAL ORGANIZATION TO PROMOTE MYOFIBROBLAST DIFFERENTIATION AND FIBROTIC TISSUE REMODELING (2021) Györfi AH, Matei AE, Fuchs M, Rigau A, Hong X, Honglin Z, Luber M, et al. Conference contribution Mouse models of skin fibrosis (2021) Rigau A, Luber M, Distler J Book chapter / Article in edited volumes