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Large-area organic photovoltaic modules with 14.5% certified world record efficiency (2024) Basu R, Gumpert F, Lohbreier J, Morin PO, Vohra V, Liu Y, Zhou Y, et al. Journal article Semitransparent Organic Photovoltaic Devices: Interface/Bulk Properties and Stability Issues (2024) Paci B, Righi Riva F, Generosi A, Guaragno M, Mangiacapre E, Brutti S, Wagner M, et al. Journal article Comparative analysis of outdoor energy harvest of organic and silicon solar modules for applications in BIPV systems (2023) Feroze S, Distler A, Forberich K, Ahmed Channa I, Doll B, Brabec C, Egelhaaf HJ Journal article CO2 snow jet cleaning as a roll-to-roll compatible method for deburring IMI substrates after laser patterning (2023) Wagner M, Distler A, Schmidt HD, Classen A, Stubhan T, Koegl M, Illg J, et al. Journal article, Original article Fully Printed and Industrially Scalable Semitransparent Organic Photovoltaic Modules: Navigating through Material and Processing Constraints (2023) Wachsmuth J, Distler A, Liu C, Heumüller T, Liu Y, Aitchison CM, Hauser A, et al. Journal article Predicting layer thicknesses by numerical simulation for meniscus-guided coating of organic photovoltaics (2023) Gumpert F, Janßen A, Brabec C, Egelhaaf HJ, Lohbreier J, Distler A Journal article Aerosol-Jet-Printed Encapsulation of Organic Photovoltaics (2023) Basu R, Siah KS, Distler A, Häußler F, Franke J, Brabec C, Egelhaaf HJ Journal article Overcoming Moisture-Induced Degradation in Organic Solar Cells (2023) Wachsmuth J, Distler A, Deribew D, Salvador MF, Brabec C, Egelhaaf HJ Journal article Cutting “lab-to-fab” short: high throughput optimization and process assessment in roll-to-roll slot die coating of printed photovoltaics (2023) Wagner M, Distler A, Le Corre VM, Zapf S, Baydar B, Schmidt HD, Heyder M, et al. Journal article Renewed Prospects for Organic Photovoltaics (2022) Zhang G, Lin FR, Qi F, Heumüller T, Distler A, Egelhaaf HJ, Li N, et al. Journal article, Review article
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