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Unravelling material properties of halide perovskites by combined microwave photoconductivity and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy (2024) Kupfer C, Le Corre VM, Li C, Lüer L, Forberich K, Kato M, Osvet A, Brabec C Journal article In Situ Probing the Crystallization Kinetics in Gas-Quenching-Assisted Coating of Perovskite Films (2024) Qiu S, Majewski M, Dong L, Jang D, Le Corre VM, García Cerrillo J, Ronsin OJ, et al. Journal article Ion-induced field screening as a dominant factor in perovskite solar cell operational stability (2024) Thiesbrummel J, Shah S, Gutierrez-Partida E, Zu F, Peña-Camargo F, Zeiske S, Diekmann J, et al. Journal article Beginner's Guide to Visual Analysis of Perovskite and Organic Solar Cell Current Density–Voltage Characteristics (2024) These A, Koster LJA, Brabec C, Le Corre VM Journal article Bypassing the Single Junction Limit with Advanced Photovoltaic Architectures (2023) Lüer L, Peters IM, Le Corre VM, Forberich K, Guldi DM, Brabec C Journal article Efficient, stable, and fully printed carbon-electrode perovskite solar cells enabled by hole-transporting bilayers (2023) Du T, Qiu S, Zhou X, Le Corre VM, Wu M, Dong L, Peng Z, et al. Journal article Understanding Causalities in Organic Photovoltaics Device Degradation in a Machine-Learning-Driven High-Throughput Platform (2023) Liu C, Lüer L, Le Corre VM, Forberich K, Weitz P, Heumüller T, Du X, et al. Journal article Cutting “lab-to-fab” short: high throughput optimization and process assessment in roll-to-roll slot die coating of printed photovoltaics (2023) Wagner M, Distler A, Le Corre VM, Zapf S, Baydar B, Schmidt HD, Heyder M, et al. Journal article Observation of reversible light degradation in organic photovoltaics induced by long-persistent radicals (2023) Zhang D, Liu C, Zhang K, Jia Y, Zhong W, Qiu W, Li Y, et al. Journal article Revealing the doping density in perovskite solar cells and its impact on device performance (2022) Peña-Camargo F, Thiesbrummel J, Hempel H, Musiienko A, Le Corre VM, Diekmann J, Warby J, et al. Journal article
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