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Resource Allocation and 3D Trajectory Design for Power-Efficient IRS-Assisted UAV-NOMA Communications (2022) Cai Y, Wei Z, Hu S, Liu C, Ng DWK, Yuan J Journal article Faster-Than-Nyquist Asynchronous NOMA Outperforms Synchronous NOMA (2022) Li S, Wei Z, Yuan W, Yuan J, Bai B, Ng DWK, Hanzo L Journal article Genetic Algorithm for Sparse Optimization of Mills Cross Array Used in Underwater Acoustic Imaging (2022) Teng D, Li Y, Yang H, Wei Z, Li Y Journal article SAFEGUARDING UAV NETWORKS THROUGH INTEGRATED SENSING, JAMMING, AND COMMUNICATIONS (2022) Wei Z, Liu F, Ng DWK, Schober R Conference contribution Beamforming Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Enhanced Symbiotic Radio Systems (2022) Hu S, Liu C, Wei Z, Cai Y, Kwan Ng DW, Yuan J Conference contribution Trajectory Design and Resource Allocation for UAV-Enabled Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks with 3D Blockages (2022) Cai Y, Yuan W, Wei Z, Liu C, Hu S, Kwan Ng DW Conference contribution A Novel ISAC Transmission Framework based on Spatially-Spread Orthogonal Time Frequency Space Modulation (2022) Li S, Yuan W, Liu C, Wei Z, Yuan J, Bai B, Ng DWK Journal article Integrated Sensing and Communication-Assisted Orthogonal Time Frequency Space Transmission for Vehicular Networks (2021) Yuan W, Wei Z, Li S, Yuan J, Ng DWK Journal article Channel Estimation and User Identification with Deep Learning for Massive Machine-Type Communications (2021) Liu B, Wei Z, Yuan W, Yuan J, Pajovic M Journal article A tutorial to orthogonal time frequency space modulation for future wireless communications (2021) Li S, Yuan W, Wei Z, He R, Ai B, Bai B, Yuan J Conference contribution