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Bridging the gap in ESG measurement: Using NLP to quantify environmental, social, and governance communication (2024) Schimanski T, Reding A, Reding N, Bingler J, Kraus M, Leippold M Journal article Coupling Neural Networks Between Clusters for Better Personalized Care (2024) Kraus M, Hambauer N, Müller K, Kröckel P, Ulapane N, De Caigny A, De Bock K, Coussement K Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Effectiveness and User Perception of an In-Vehicle Voice Warning for Hypoglycemia: Development and Feasibility Trial (2024) Bérubé C, Lehmann VF, Maritsch M, Kraus M, Feuerriegel S, Wortmann F, Züger T, et al. Journal article A machine learning framework for interpretable predictions in patient pathways: The case of predicting ICU admission for patients with symptoms of sepsis (forthcoming) (2024) Zilker S, Weinzierl S, Kraus M, Zschech P, Matzner M Journal article, Original article Multimodal In-Vehicle Hypoglycemia Warning for Drivers With Type 1 Diabetes: Design and Evaluation in Simulated and Real-World Driving (2024) Bérubé C, Maritsch M, Lehmann VF, Kraus M, Feuerriegel S, Züger T, Wortmann F, et al. Journal article ChatClimate: Grounding conversational AI in climate science (2023) Vaghefi SA, Stammbach D, Muccione V, Bingler J, Ni J, Kraus M, Allen S, et al. Journal article Environmental Claim Detection (2023) Stammbach D, Webersinke N, Bingler JA, Kraus M, Leippold M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Noninvasive Hypoglycemia Detection in People With Diabetes Using Smartwatch Data (2023) Lehmann V, Foll S, Maritsch M, van Weenen E, Kraus M, Lagger S, Odermatt K, et al. Journal article Machine learning for non-invasive sensing of hypoglycaemia while driving in people with diabetes (2023) Lehmann V, Zueger T, Maritsch M, Kraus M, Albrecht C, Berube C, Feuerriegel S, et al. Journal article Machine Learning for Predicting Micro- and Macrovascular Complications in Individuals With Prediabetes or Diabetes: Retrospective Cohort Study (2023) Schallmoser S, Zueger T, Kraus M, Saar-Tsechansky M, Stettler C, Feuerriegel S Journal article
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