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Covariant μ ¯ -scheme effective dynamics, mimetic gravity, and nonsingular black holes: Applications to spherically symmetric quantum gravity (2024) Han M, Liu H Journal article Experimental simulation of loop quantum gravity on a photonic chip (2023) Van Der Meer R, Huang Z, Anguita MC, Qu D, Hooijschuur P, Liu H, Han M, et al. Journal article Complex critical points in Lorentzian spinfoam quantum gravity: Four-simplex amplitude and effective dynamics on a double- Δ3 complex (2023) Han M, Liu H, Qu D Journal article Dynamically implementing the μ-bar-scheme in cosmological and spherically symmetric models in an extended phase space model (2023) Giesel K, Liu H Journal article, Original article Spherical symmetric gravitational collapse of a dust cloud: Polymerized dynamics in reduced phase space (2023) Giesel K, Han M, Li BF, Liu H, Singh P Journal article Complex critical points and curved geometries in four-dimensional Lorentzian spinfoam quantum gravity (2022) Han M, Huang Z, Liu H, Qu D Journal article Finiteness of spinfoam vertex amplitude with timelike polyhedra and the regularization of full amplitude (2022) Han M, Kaminski W, Liu H Journal article Improved effective dynamics of loop-quantum-gravity black hole and Nariai limit (2022) Han M, Liu H Journal article Analytic continuation of spinfoam models (2022) Han M, Liu H Journal article Loop quantum gravity on dynamical lattice and improved cosmological effective dynamics with inflaton (2021) Han M, Liu H Journal article