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Successful Pharmacologic Treatment of Self-Bloodletting with Factitious Chronic Anemia (Lasthénie de Ferjol Syndrome) with High-Dose Serotonergic Medication: A Case Report (2024) Mestermann S, Rudtke L, Brazdis RM, Tsaktanis T, Kornhuber J, Thürauf N Journal article The astrocyte-produced growth factor HB-EGF limits autoimmune CNS pathology (2024) Linnerbauer M, Lößlein L, Vandrey O, Peter A, Han Y, Tsaktanis T, Wogram E, et al. Journal article Case report: Cerebrospinal fluid neutrophilic pleocytosis upon intrathecal triamcinolone injection (2024) Tsaktanis T, Stritzelberger J, To VTD, Uhl M, Schwab S, Heuß DF, Rothhammer V Journal article PD-L1 positive astrocytes attenuate inflammatory functions of PD-1 positive microglia in models of autoimmune neuroinflammation (2023) Linnerbauer M, Beyer T, Nirschl L, Farrenkopf D, Lößlein L, Vandrey O, Peter A, et al. Journal article The role of intrathecal free light chains kappa for the detection of autoimmune encephalitis in subacute onset neuropsychiatric syndromes (2023) Bertram D, Tsaktanis T, Berthele A, Korn T Journal article Intranasal delivery of a small-molecule ErbB inhibitor promotes recovery from acute and late-stage CNS inflammation (2022) Linnerbauer M, Lößlein L, Vandrey O, Tsaktanis T, Beer A, Naumann U, Panier F, et al. Journal article Astrocyte-Derived Pleiotrophin Mitigates Late-Stage Autoimmune CNS Inflammation (2022) Linnerbauer M, Lößlein L, Farrenkopf D, Vandrey O, Tsaktanis T, Naumann U, Rothhammer V Journal article Astrocyte phenotypes in acute multiple sclerosis lesions (2021) Lößlein L, Cirac A, Tsaktanis T, Linnerbauer M, Schuetz O, Beyer T, Quintana FJ, Rothhammer V Conference contribution Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Plasma Agonist Activity Correlates With Disease Activity in Progressive MS (2021) Tsaktanis T, Beyer T, Nirschl L, Linnerbauer M, Grummel V, Bussas M, Tjon E, et al. Journal article