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Dynamic changes in O-GlcNAcylation regulate osteoclast differentiation and bone loss via nucleoporin 153 (2022) Li YN, Chen CW, Trinh MT, Zhu H, Matei AE, Györfi AH, Kuwert F, et al. Journal article Blocking IL-1, IL-33 and IL-36 Signaling with the Anti-IL1RAP Antibody mCAN10 Ameliorates Inflammation and Fibrosis in Preclinical Models of Systemic Sclerosis (2022) Gronberg C, Rattik S, Kunz M, Thoung Trinh-Minh , TRAN MANH C, Zhou X, Skoog P, et al. Conference contribution DEREGULATION OF TFAM EXPRESSION PROMOTES MITOCHONDRIAL DAMAGE AND FIBROBLAST ACTIVATION IN SYSTEMIC SCLEROSIS (2022) Zhou X, Trinh MT, TRAN MANH C, Giessl A, Bergmann C, Györfi AH, Schett G, Distler J Conference contribution Impaired Mitochondrial Transcription Factor A Expression Promotes Mitochondrial Damage to Drive Fibroblast Activation and Fibrosis in Systemic Sclerosis (2022) Zhou X, Trinh MT, TRAN MANH C, Gießl A, Bergmann C, Györfi AH, Schett G, Distler J Journal article DYNAMIC CHANGES IN O-GLCNACYLATION REGULATE OSTEOCLAST DIFFERENTIATION AND BONE LOSS IN ARTHRITIS (2021) Chen CW, Li YN, Trinh MT, Honglin Z, Matei AE, Ding X, TRAN MANH C, et al. Conference contribution ANTI-S100A4 MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY TREATMENT AMELIORATES SKIN FIBROSIS IN INFLAMMATORY AND NON-INFLAMMATORY PRE-CLINICAL MODELS OF SYSTEMIC SCLEROSIS (2021) Tomcik M, Trinh MT, Trinh-Minh T, TRAN MANH C, Storkanova H, Storkanova L, Senolt L, et al. Conference contribution Targeting of canonical WNT signaling ameliorates experimental sclerodermatous chronic graft-versus-host disease (2021) Zhang Y, Shen L, Dreißigacker K, Zhu H, Trinh MT, Meng X, TRAN MANH C, et al. Journal article