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One-step fabrication of platelet-shaped Janus supraparticles via spray-drying (2024) Zhou H, Prieschl J, Groppe P, Mandel K, Wintzheimer S Journal article Safety Through Visibility: Tracing Hydrogen in Colors with Highly Customizable and Flexibly Applicable Supraparticle Additives (2024) Reichstein J, Groppe P, Stockinger N, Cuadrado Collados C, Thommes M, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article Influence of cation concentration and valence on the structure and texture of spray-dried supraparticles from colloidal silica dispersions (2024) Zhou H, Groppe P, Zimmermann T, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article Catalyst Supraparticles: Tuning the Structure of Spray-Dried Pt/SiO2 Supraparticles via Salt-Based Colloidal Manipulation to Control their Catalytic Performance (2024) Groppe P, Reichstein J, Carl S, Cuadrado Collados C, Niebuur BJ, Zhang K, Apeleo Zubiri B, et al. Journal article Molecular and Structural Insights into H2 Indicator Supraparticles: Lowering the Limit of Detection by Tuning Incorporated Catalyst Nanoparticles (2023) Zhang K, Reichstein J, Groppe P, Schötz S, Stockinger N, Libuda J, Mandel K, et al. Journal article, Original article Supraparticles for naked‑eye H2 indication and monitoring: improving performance by variation of the catalyst nanoparticles (2023) Zhang K, Schötz S, Reichstein J, Groppe P, Stockinger N, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K, et al. Journal article, Original article Supraparticles on beads for supported catalytically active liquid metal solutions - the SCALMS suprabead concept (2023) Zimmermann T, Madubuko N, Groppe P, Raczka T, Dünninger N, Taccardi N, Carl S, et al. Journal article Magnetizing Polymer Particles with a Solvent-Free Single Stage Process Using Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (SPION)s (2022) Düsenberg B, Groppe P, Müssig S, Schmidt J, Bück A Journal article Tuning the Morphology of Spray-Dried Supraparticles: Effects of Building Block Size and Concentration (2022) Zhou H, Pujales Paradela R, Groppe P, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article Real-time monitoring of magnetic nanoparticle-assisted nanoplastic agglomeration and separation from water (2022) Groppe P, Wintzheimer S, Eigen A, Gaß H, Halik M, Mandel K Journal article