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Experimental Investigations in the Processing of AISI H11 Powder Blends Enriched with Tungsten Carbide Nanoparticles for the Additive Manufacturing of Tailored Hot Working Tools in the Directed Energy Deposition (DED-LB/M)—Impact of Tungsten Carbide Nanoparticles on Microstructural and Mechanical Characteristics (2024) Hentschel O, Kohlstruck J, Vetter J, Wittmann A, Krakhmalev P, Nikas D, Schmidt M Journal article Feasibility of Manufacturing Dielectric Image Lines by Using Laser-Based Directed Energy Deposition of Polymers (2023) Wittmann A, Bader T, Alidoust Chamandani S, Hentschel O, Schmidt M, Gold G Journal article, Online publication Laser-based coating process of PEEK powder on stainless steel substrates by using a thulium-doped fiber laser (2022) Wittmann A, Kroha L, Huber F, Schmidt M Journal article Generation of Polyamide 12 Coatings on Stainless Steel Substrates by Directed Energy Deposition with a Thulium-Doped Fiber Laser (DED-LB/P) (2022) Wittmann A, Hentschel O, Sommereyns A, Schmidt M Journal article Biopolymer-based microgels as the carriers for surface functionalization (2022) Campbell J, Rothfelder R, Wittmann A, Schmidt M, Volodkin D, Vikulina A Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster Consolidation of thermoplastic coatings by means of a thulium-doped fiber laser (2021) Wittmann A, Heberle J, Huber F, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Laser-based coating process of PA12 on stainless steel substrates (2021) Wittmann A, Hentschel O, Ermer J, Sommereyns A, Huber F, Schmidt M Conference contribution, Original article Qualification of a system technology for selective laser-based quasi-simultaneous soldering with an integrated pyrometric process control (2020) Ermer J, Saffer J, Schaumberger K, Kaufmann F, Wittmann A, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article Laser beam welding of heat-resistant mixed joints using laser-based pre- and post-heating (2020) Saffer J, Dörres T, Schaumberger K, Ermer J, Kaufmann F, Wittmann A, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article