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One-step fabrication of platelet-shaped Janus supraparticles via spray-drying (2024) Zhou H, Prieschl J, Groppe P, Mandel K, Wintzheimer S Journal article Safety Through Visibility: Tracing Hydrogen in Colors with Highly Customizable and Flexibly Applicable Supraparticle Additives (2024) Reichstein J, Groppe P, Stockinger N, Cuadrado Collados C, Thommes M, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article Influence of cation concentration and valence on the structure and texture of spray-dried supraparticles from colloidal silica dispersions (2024) Zhou H, Groppe P, Zimmermann T, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article Modulating the Microenvironment of Coumarin Dyes within Multihierarchical Supraparticles: En Route toward Versatile Luminescent Dual-Threshold Temperature Indicators with Ratiometric Readout (2024) Reichstein J, Luthardt L, Martello VG, Pianetti A, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article Assembly of Zinc‐Single‐Site‐Containing Silica Nanoparticles to Supraparticle Powders with Destructibility to Serve as Filler and Vulcanization Activator in Rubbers (2024) Wenderoth S, Milana P, Zimmermann T, Deues M, Oppmann M, Prieschl J, Mostoni S, et al. Journal article Nature-Inspired Regenerative Fine-Dust-Catching Coatings to Improve Air Quality (2024) Zimmermann T, Deues M, Garbe T, Löbmann P, Mandel K, Wintzheimer S Journal article Sol-gel coatings for solar cover glass: Influence of surface structure on dust accumulation and removal (2024) Zimmermann T, Stauch C, Bittel L, Jüngling N, Muhamettursun M, Halik M, Niessner J, et al. Journal article Catalyst Supraparticles: Tuning the Structure of Spray-Dried Pt/SiO2 Supraparticles via Salt-Based Colloidal Manipulation to Control their Catalytic Performance (2024) Groppe P, Reichstein J, Carl S, Cuadrado Collados C, Niebuur BJ, Zhang K, Apeleo Zubiri B, et al. Journal article Multifunctional, Hybrid Materials Design via Spray-Drying: Much more than Just Drying (2023) Wintzheimer S, Luthardt L, Cao KLA, Imaz I, Maspoch D, Ogi T, Bück A, et al. Journal article, Original article Communicating Supraparticles to Enable Perceptual, Information-Providing Matter (2023) Reichstein J, Müssig S, Wintzheimer S, Mandel K Journal article, Original article