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In-vivo Cross-linking of Biotinylated Peptide Ligands to Cell Surface Receptors (2024) Burggraf R, Albert M Journal article The plant vampire diaries: a historic perspective on Cuscuta research (2023) Hartenstein M, Albert M, Krause K Journal article, Review article Engineered Agrobacterium improves transformation by mitigating plant immunity detection (2023) Yang F, Li G, Felix G, Albert M, Guo M Journal article Mechanisms of resistance and virulence in parasitic plant-host interactions (2021) Albert M, Axtell MJ, Timko MP Journal article, Review article Complex N-Glycans Are Important for Normal Fruit Ripening and Seed Development in Tomato (2021) Kaulfuerst-Soboll H, Mertens-Beer M, Brehler R, Albert M, Von Schaewen A Journal article Distinct immune sensor systems for fungal endopolygalacturonases in closely related Brassicaceae (2021) Zhang L, Hua C, Pruitt RN, Qin S, Wang L, Albert I, Albert M, et al. Journal article A cell wall-localized glycine-rich protein of dodder acts as pathogen-associated molecular pattern (2021) Slaby P, Körner M, Albert M Journal article The tomato receptor CuRe1 senses a cell wall protein to identify Cuscuta as a pathogen (2020) Hegenauer V, Slaby P, Körner M, Bruckmueller JA, Burggraf R, Albert I, Kaiser B, et al. Journal article Quinones shuffling the CARDs (2020) Körner M, Slaby P, Albert M Journal article Perception of Agrobacterium tumefaciens flagellin by FLS2XL confers resistance to crown gall disease (2020) Fuerst U, Zeng Y, Albert M, Witte AK, Fliegmann J, Felix G Journal article
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