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When Mechanical Stress Matters: Generation of Polyploid Giant Cancer Cells in Tumor-Like Microcapsules (2024) Antonelli Y, Krüger R, Bühler A, Monavari M, Fuentes Chandia MA, Colombo F, Palmisano R, et al. Journal article KidneyGPS: a user-friendly web application to help prioritize kidney function genes and variants based on evidence from genome-wide association studies (2023) Stanzick KJ, Stark KJ, Gorski M, Schödel J, Krüger R, Kronenberg F, Warth R, et al. Journal article Partner, Neighbor, Housekeeper and Dimension: 3D versus 2D Glomerular Co-Cultures Reveal Drawbacks of Currently Used Cell Culture Models (2023) Rederer A, Rose V, Krüger R, Schmittutz L, Swierzy I, Fischer L, Thievessen I, et al. Journal article, Original article Hypoxia induces polycystin-1 expression in the renal epithelium (2023) Grampp S, Kraus A, Skoczynski K, Schiffer M, Krüger R, Naas S, Schödel J, Buchholz B Journal article Characterizing Intraindividual Podocyte Morphology In Vitro with Different Innovative Microscopic and Spectroscopic Techniques (2023) Kraus A, Rose V, Krüger R, Sarau G, Kling L, Schiffer M, Christiansen S, Müller-Deile J Journal article Hypoxia controls expression of kidney-pathogenic MUC1 variants (2023) Naas S, Krüger R, Knaup K, Naas J, Grampp S, Schiffer M, Wiesener M, Schödel J Journal article Hypoxia hits APOL1 in the kidney (2023) Grampp S, Krüger R, Lauer V, Uebel S, Knaup K, Naas J, Höffken V, et al. Journal article Reset of inflammatory priming of joint tissue and reduction of the severity of arthritis flares by bromodomain inhibition (2023) Friščić J, Reinwald C, Böttcher M, Houtman M, Euler M, Chen X, Walker KI, et al. Journal article The renal cancer risk allele at 14q24.2 activates a novel hypoxia-inducible transcription factor-binding enhancer of DPF3 expression (2022) Protze J, Naas S, Krüger R, Stöhr C, Kraus A, Grampp S, Schiffer M, et al. Journal article 3D hydrogel-based microcapsules as an in vitro model to study tumorigenicity, cell migration and drug resistance. (2022) Ertekin Ö, Monavari M, Krüger R, Fuentes Chandia MA, Parma B, Letort G, Tripal P, et al. Journal article