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Optical Coherence Tomographic Optic Nerve Head Morphology in Myopia III: The Exposed Neural Canal Region in Healthy Eyes—Implications for High Myopia (2024) Hong S, Yang H, Gardiner SK, Luo H, Sharpe GP, Caprioli J, Demirel S, et al. Journal article Pattern electroretinogram, blue-yellow visual evoked potentials and the risk of developing visual field defects in glaucoma suspects: a longitudinal “survival” analysis with a very long follow-up (2024) Huchzermeyer C, Lämmer R, Mardin CY, Kruse F, Kremers J, Horn F Journal article Toxic retrobulbar neuritis due to recurrent nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug-exacerbated respiratory disease-based chronic sinusitis in the left sphenoid sinus: a case report (2023) Schapher M, Brügel J, Güner F, Volbers B, Eichhorn P, Agaimy A, Berger M, et al. Journal article Impact of acquisition area on deep-learning-based glaucoma detection in OCTA (2023) Schottenhamml J, Würfl T, Ploner S, Husvogt L, Maier A, Hohberger B, Mardin CY Conference contribution Bilateral Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy (AMN) after COVID-19 and its Clinical Course (2023) Bartsch A, Skornia A, Mardin CY, Hohberger B Journal article APSified OCT-angiography analysis: Macula vessel density in healthy eyes during office hours (2023) Müller M, Schottenhamml J, Hosari S, Hohberger B, Mardin CY Journal article Asymmetry of Peripapillary Retinal Blood Vessel and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Between Healthy Right and Left Eyes (2023) Quach J, Sharpe GP, Demirel S, Girkin CA, Mardin CY, Scheuerle AF, Burgoyne CF, et al. Journal article Investigation of OCTA Biomarkers in Fabry Disease: A Long Term Follow-Up of Macular Vessel Area Density and Foveal Avascular Zone Metrics (2023) Hufendiek K, Lindziute M, Kaufeld J, Volkmann I, Brockmann D, Hosari S, Hohberger B, et al. Journal article Association of retinal vessel pathology and brain atrophy in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (2023) Romahn EF, Wiltgen T, Bussas M, Aly L, Wicklein R, Noll C, Berthele A, et al. Journal article "Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children"-Like Disease after COVID-19 Vaccination (MIS-V) with Potential Significance of Functional Active Autoantibodies Targeting G-Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCR-fAAb) for Pathophysiology and Therapy. (2023) Schmidt M, Hébert S, Wallukat G, Ponader R, Krickau T, Galiano M, Reutter HM, et al. Journal article