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Plan robustness analysis for threshold determination of SGRT-based intrafraction motion control in 3DCRT breast cancer radiation therapy (2023) Sauer TO, Stillkrieg W, Ott O, Fietkau R, Bert C Journal article External-Beam-Accelerated Partial-Breast Irradiation Reduces Organ-at-Risk Doses Compared to Whole-Breast Irradiation after Breast-Conserving Surgery (2023) Ott O, Stillkrieg W, Lambrecht U, Schweizer C, Lamrani A, Sauer TO, Strnad V, et al. Journal article Accelerated partial breast irradiation using sole interstitial multicatheter brachytherapy compared with whole-breast irradiation with boost for early breast cancer: 10-year results of a GEC-ESTRO randomised, phase 3, non-inferiority trial (2023) Strnad V, Polgár C, Ott O, Hildebrandt G, Kauer-Dorner D, Knauerhase H, Major T, et al. Journal article Regional hyperthermia with cisplatin added to gemcitabine versus gemcitabine in patients with resected pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: The HEAT randomised clinical trial (2023) Issels RD, Boeck S, Pelzer U, Mansmann U, Ghadjar P, Lindner LH, Albertsmeier M, et al. Journal article Development and clinical implementation of a digital system for risk assessments for radiation therapy (2023) Kornek D, Menichelli D, Leske J, Hofmann M, Antkiewicz D, Brandt T, Ott O, et al. Journal article Chemoradiotherapy plus hyperthermia (CRTH) versus chemoradiotherapy (CRT) alone in neoadjuvant treatment of soft tissue sarcoma: tumor response, treatment toxicity and disease control (2023) Willner A, Agaimy A, Fechner K, Ott O, Denz A, Weissmann T, Meidenbauer N, et al. Journal article Hyperthermia in the treatment of high-risk soft tissue sarcomas: a systematic review (2023) Veltsista PD, Oberacker E, Ademaj A, Corradini S, Eckert F, Flörcken A, Kaul D, et al. Journal article, Review article Cell-In-Cell Structures in Early Breast Cancer Are Prognostically Valuable (2023) Bauer M, Hildebrand L, Rosahl MC, Erber R, Schnellhardt S, Büttner-Herold M, Putz F, et al. Journal article Low-dose radiotherapy of osteoarthritis: from biological findings to clinical effects-challenges for future studies (2023) Weissmann T, Rückert M, Putz F, Donaubauer AJ, Hecht M, Schnellhardt S, Schubert P, et al. Journal article, Review article The Emerging Evidence Supporting Integration of Deep Regional Hyperthermia With Chemoradiation in Bladder Cancer (2023) Ott O, Gaipl U, Lamrani A, Fietkau R Journal article, Review article